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Kristel Heinaste
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My name is Kristel, I’m a certificate IV personal trainer. I specialise in fat-loss transformations and strength training. My approach to personal training includes the combination of nutrition and physical exercise to achieve the best results!

I live and breathe this industry and am constantly expanding my knowledge to apply to training programs. I won’t rest until you have achieved your goals and are ready to move onto the next level, I want you feeling stronger and fitter than ever!

I help those who struggle with motivation to exercise and get them loving it in no time. I’ll keep you accountable to your goals and make necessary changes along way. I’m deeply interested about the science of nutrition and believe it plays as much of a role in strength building and fat loss as physical exercise does. As a female ectomorph (typical hard-gainer), I am passionate about sharing my experiences in pushing through barriers towards results.

If you want to begin your fitness journey or are seeking to build on your current knowledge, give me a call on 0478 022 528 or contact me at Kristel@tropfit.com.au for a free consultation. You can find me at all iFitness247 gyms.