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Liv Miller
Ultimate Dream Team, Personal Trainer
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Liv Miller:

Tell me a little about your background…(and how you both came to be working together)

We had competed on the same stage and worked in similar circles for a while before the realisation of the potential of working together. We really gel and compliment each other. Vania does the life coaching side of the Dream Team and I do more the supplementation and advanced training. And together we rock it!!!

What led you to your current career path?
I was raised on a merino sheep farm in far western Victoria and was well supported right from the get go to chase any sporting pursuit. I played top level netball, played tennis, rode dirt bikes and even danced for 15 years. In my adult years i turned to long distance running as my stress relief, then slowly found my way to the gym floor, and haven’t looked back since.  The buzz you get from helping people achieve even the smallest of goals in their holistic health is second to none. That feeling escalated when i started Liv Fitt Boot Camps and later went into full strength, conditioning and wellness coaching.

Who/What inspires you, not only professionally, but in daily life?

I have an ideal in my mind, probably not aiming for perfection but a balance where my passion, hobby and career all sit inside the same circle. I feel very blessed to be able to enjoy my work.

The Ultimate family and the boys i train with at the gym give me drive to keep throwing the steel.
Also my business partner Vania lends by example, has helped me with ‘mastering my mindset’ and gives me courage to peruse our training and business concepts further.

I am also grateful to have hard working successful parents who are still very much in love, although i don’t see them often i aspire to be like them one day.

What do you perceive is an important quality successful women have in common?

Passion. Not a mediocre type feeling, a sincere fire with in for what they do. Without a true love for your work you can’t see beyond the norm. I bounce out of bed each and every day when my alarm screams at 4am and i am still in the gym smiling at 8:30pm.  Without the passion i know i wouldn’t have achieved half of my current ‘success’. 

What do you think is the key to your personal success?

Consistency, and staying true to myself and motivated by small achievements. I love training, and practice what i preach. It’s not hard to be successful when you enjoy the journey.
I don’t believe success needs to be monetary, i feel more successful that i ever dreamed possible lately. when i see my clients turning their lives around, and it’s funny how once you master the health component you find the facets fall into place. You watch the confidence build, relationships improve etc.

What are you really passionate about?

I believe in nourishing your body, helping women understand their inner strength.

How/What do you do to motivate those around you?

I like to lead by example, regardless of my schedule i still ensure i train every day. I like to be real with my clients and help guide them thru their lifestyle change. I like to educate and help my clients understand why we do certain things so it’s encouraging for them to continue with a healthy lifestyle after i have finished holding their hand.

What do you think is your best quality – the one that makes you stand out? 

I like to think im a one off, i am not a quiet person, i am outspoken and like to be differentMy body is a product of my hard work; I think im most noticed for my energy and physiquewhether its wearing oneseys, high tops or my big hair, underneath the muscle armour and tough exterior is a genuine, compassionate and driven woman.


Describe yourself in three words.
Energetic, Ambitious, Strong


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