Michael Menadue

Michael Menadue
Personal Trainer
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My name is Michael and I am the founder Kingdom-Fit. As an experienced Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach I am passionate about and fully qualified to help others see success and reach their health and fitness goals. Whether you need nutrition advice, training tips or just motivation I would love to help you achieve your goals. I specialise in weight loss and can help you build lean muscle at the same time. Having completed multiple body transformation challenges in the past I have experience in setting personal goals and achieving them.

In my time with iFitness247 I have helped members from all  fitness levels. I’ve helped people lose weight; put on weight; increase lean muscle; improve stamina and endurance; help create new healthy habits; and assist in boosting my clients overall health. In my experience I can say that no one is too old or too young, too unfit or too injured to start  their own fitness journey. So get in contact and ask me about how I can help you with your own goals today 0409 167 678 or on kingdom-fit@outlook.com

The demand for Personal Training has grown rapidly and with that I have expanded by introducing Sachin to the Kingdom-Fit team.