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Phil Purg
Bilateral Physical Training
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    My name is Phil and I have been a qualified Master Personal Trainer since 2010 and completed my studies through The Australian Institute of Fitness.

    I turned to health and fitness for medical reasons and have been bodybuilding for many years. I come from a gym, security and hospitality management background.

    I have always provided my clients with more services than what they’re expecting. I’ll go to lengths to ensure our clients are getting their desired results and coach them to understand to nutritional and training periodisation all while learning about enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

    I have extensive knowledge in guiding clients on which supplements are beneficial for their specific health and fitness goals. I apply all my past health and fitness experiences to clients goals and needs ensuring top equality services are not just available, but DELIVERED!

    I have exprience in, and coached clients in, body transformations, bodybuilding, powelifting, clients to enter Army, NT Police & Fire Emergency fitness tests, trained clients for amateur boxing and NT rugby & football.

    Most importantly what makes me strive for our clients success and satisfaction everyday is that I believe everybody is NOT the same NOT everything works for the same person. I will teach you how to stay motivated and focused, on track with your goals and mindset, accountable and test your personal limits and hurdles!

    The services my team offer are:

    1, 2 or 3 on 1 Private Personal Training  and Coaching.

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    If you see me around any of the gyms, feel free to say hello, ask me anything that you think is going to benefit YOUR knowledge and experience in your health and fitness journey!

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