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If you are struggling with your health and fitness goals or simply challenged with the commitment of a long term exercise program, personal training is definitely the way to achieve amazing results. Our 8 week body transformations are a huge success.

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    Jo ,

    It is convenient that you can go any time of the day or night, the staff at Coolalinga are always happy and speak to you when you go in and out.

  • Testimonial

    The best thing about iFitness247 is that I met the love of my life, Jacqui! At iFitness247 they’re really welcoming and open to new members, they don’t have a big meat head “you must be this big or this hot or this cool” vibe to them like some gyms do, there’s heaps of gear so you rarely have to fight for stuff.

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    I like that I can go when ever I feel like working out regardless of the day or hour. I find that most people I have encountered are friendly, encouraging and non-judgemental.      

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    As a skinny 17 year old kid in high school, back in 2012, I remember walking into the original iFitness247 club in the city and I was welcomed and encouraged into the positive environment of the club by the staff and members. I have remained loyal to iFitness247 ever since.

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