Everyone is looking at me!

Everyone is looking at me!

One of the biggest fears about joining a gym is this: Everyone will look at me! So I have decided to smash this fear for everyone by speaking to some of our current members to find out if they will, in fact look at you when you join and use the gym!

You will be pleasantly surprised with what I have found.

There are generally only a couple types of gym-goers. One type love the social side of being in a gym, they love to chat, catch up with others, train with another person or even a group of people. Another type is the ones who do not go to the gym for the social aspect. They like to go to the gym maybe to unwind, de-stress and possibly have time to themselves. Then there would be people who switch between the two, depending on the day or body part they are training. Neither of these is the right or wrong way to be in a gym, it is just a personal preference and experience for everyone.

To begin the rounds of speaking with members, I will start with asking myself what I think about and look at when I am training. When I am training in the gym I am one of those type that are not there for the social experience. I usually have a time limit so I need to get in, get it done and get out. My mind is generally a pretty positive place, full of rainbows and sunshine so when I’m training I’m usually thinking motivational stuff that help me keep going and not give up. If I think people are looking at me, in my mind their praising me on my form or for how hard I’m pushing hahaha makes me laugh when I write this. I will look at other people when I’m training but I think I have an exception here. When I’m looking at people it’s not to judge them on what they’re doing or how they look. I look at others to make sure they’re going to put their weights away when they’re done. So I do look at everyone (depending on how busy it is) but only because if you don’t put your weights away it means that I will probably have to do it later and that’s really frustrating! So put your weights away…. This paragraph took an interesting turn, subliminal message much!

Moving on.

Leanne joined iFitness247 12 months ago. When she started out she had just one session with Michael, one of our Personal Trainers. Leanne then continued on for the rest of the year training without assistance and lost 20kg!! She said that when she came into the gym she would look at what other people were doing to learn how to do different exercises so she could try out new things and add to her programs! Interesting…

Liza says that when she comes to the gym she has an idea in her head of what equipment she is wanting to use. In between sets she likes to look around at what equipment is free so she can know where she can or can’t go next. If the piece of equipment that Liza is wanting to use next is being used by another person she will pause for a second and look at them to see if she can tell when they will be finished with it and then will look away.

When Sean comes into the gym, he likes to take his time. He stops and has a chat with the staff at reception, wonders to the Personal Trainers and checks in with them. Then makes his way over to the equipment to get started on his session. He’ll find everyone he knows and have a yarn with them and get excited for the next person who makes eye contact with so he can see how their day is going. Sean loves to watch people. He loves seeing all different fitness levels and how everyone trains, it makes his experience in the gym that bit more enjoyable for him.

I asked quite a few different people about what they look at and think about when they are in gym and they were all similar answers to the ones I have written. People join and use gyms for a range of different reason that are personal to each individual, so I would’t be worried about people looking at you in the gym because chances are, at some stage, everyone will look at you and, more than likely, be thinking nothing about you. They are not concerned about what you’re doing or how you look. No one is judging you. Each person is in their own little world wondering what to do next; if they’re doing something correctly; just blankly staring around the room or if you’re like me, making sure people are cleaning up after themselves.

If you have been putting off going to or joining the gym for this reason I hope this post has been able challenge your thinking and shed a bit of light on what is actually happening when someone is looking at you. So now it’s time to make it happen! Go to the gym! We are waiting for you and SUPER excited to meet you!!