iFitness247 Super Hero Ben Beckwith

iFitness247 Super Hero Ben Beckwith
Start weight: 159.9kg

Current weight: 98.8kg

 What are you current training goals – 1000lb club! Lift a combined 1000lb (454kg) across the 3 major compound competition lifts – squat, deadlift, bench. Working specifically on my deadlift with a personal trainer to improve my form and work on weaknesses (hamstring and glutes). Also looking to improve my PB on last beep test, 10.3

How has your fitness changed your life – in every conceivable way. I have more energy, I live to train, challenge and push myself, I can actually RUN now, 5ks nonstop in under 30 minute, I couldn’t run out of sight! I can do 100 push ups in sets of 10 or 35 non stop, previously I could do, TWO, total. I was unhappy and uncomfortable, sick and tired all the time. Now I am so energetic, positive and cheerful it’s almost frightening haha.

What motivates you to be active everyday – how much of a rush I get out of it! I feel like god damn He-Man when I throw heavy things and I feel like a winner when I run AT ALL considering how much I HATE IT. But it’s worth it for the cardio engine it gives me to run around like a grass hopper on crack playing 2-a-side indoor beach volleyball against 3-a-side teams and not only be competitive in A grade, but also win some games too! Not bad for someone that was STRUGGLING in mixed B grade 5-a-side….

What’s been the hardest part during your transformation –  being hungry ALL THE TIME. I was hungry for TWO YEARS during the first weight drop, cutting from 159.9 to 89.9 was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Having to be on top of EVERYTHING you eat and drink 24/7 is hugely mentally draining, especially with the hunger and fatigue that comes with exercising on top of it.

Whats been the easiest part during your transformation – how amazingly supportive and encouraging everyone around me has been. The amount of compliments and “keep going you’re doing awesome” from total strangers or other gym members totally floored me. Being the “biggest” person in the gym absolutely sucks especially when you have no idea what you’re doing but I was never made to feel unwelcome or belittled by anyone in my time at iFitness247.

Have you ever had a personal trainer/help – Not really. All of the programming and nutrition I got off muscleforlife.com for free to start out. After I injured myself during a squat I did see a personal trainer to re-program my form because clearly I was doing something wrong. It’s now my strongest lift technically and went from least favourite to the day I look forward most to training! It’s the same reason I have a PT for my deadlift now. I’ve been stuck at 185kg for months now and don’t feel like I’m improving. I’d rather fix the problem than try and ego-lift through it and end up injured again!

What do you like about iFitness247 clubs – The best thing about iFitness247 is that I met the love of my life, Jacqui! At iFitness247 they’re really welcoming and open to new members, they don’t have a big meat head “you must be this big or this hot or this cool” vibe to them like some gyms do, there’s heaps of gear so you rarely have to fight for stuff.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a fitness journey – stop thinking and START. Don’t give up, don’t stop. Too many people think if they can’t be perfect why bother? Every little part helps. You don’t climb Everest in a day, you do it one step at a time. Start small, start slow. Walk, don’t run. If you want to lift, start on the machines at the lowest weight. You will progress, you will see results if you stick at it. Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to be the best, the fittest, you just have to be looking to be better than you were. Pay no attention to all the amazing people kicking goals in the gym. They have their own journey, all you need to do is focus on you. Don’t just live and die by the scale results too. Celebrate all of the non-scale victories as well. Lifting heavy, doing more reps, running faster, lasting longer in a class, feeling your clothes get looser, seeing changes in the mirror, these things mean more than some stupid number on a stupid scale!


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