Kris Stubbin

Kris Stubbin

Start weight = 53kg, current weight = 77kg

What are you current training goals –  

Current training goals are to focus on my knee rehab and return to my pre surgery strength, in October 2017 I tore my left ACL and had to wait until June 2018 for knee reconstruction surgery. I am currently on a program with the guidance of my physio to get my left knee strong enough so that I can go snowboarding in Nieseko, Japan later this year.

How has your fitness changed your life –

Fitness has positively changed my life not only physically but mentally as well. I am now more confident in myself everyday than I ever was before. I feel much more comfortable in my own body now I don’t feel like I am just the ‘skinny kid’ anymore. I also feel like I am a lot healthier now and have a lot more energy to train.

What motivates you to be active everyday –

The thing that motivates me to be active everyday, believe it or not, is the rush of lifting heavy weights and feeling the sweat from all my hard work streak down my face. Having clear goals, like being able to snowboard later this year, helps me motivate myself to train just that little bit harder and push myself physically and mentally.

What’s been the hardest part during your transformation –

The hardest part during my transformation was the mental strain my injury put on me. After all the hard work and dedication I had put in, to get to a stage I was happy with, it was really disappointing to lose all that progress by not being able to train properly for over 6 months and going on to an over a year now, I still haven’t returned to where I was pre injury and this has been the most mentally frustrating part.

Whats been the easiest part during your transformation –

The easiest part of my transformation has been the random compliments from strangers at the gym and from friends I haven’t seen in a while, who always say ‘you’re not the skinny little kid I remember’.

Have you ever had a personal trainer/help –

I haven’t had any professional, personal trainer help but I have researched a lot online and taught myself most things. And of course my physio helps me with rehab and correcting some of my lifts if they compromise my knee.

What do you like about iFitness247 clubs –

As a skinny 17 year old kid in high school, back in 2012, I remember walking into the original iFitness247 club in the city and I was welcomed and encouraged into the positive environment of the club by the staff and members. I have remained loyal to iFitness247 ever since.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a fitness journey –

My advice for anyone thinking about starting a fitness journey would be to not overthink the process, take the plunge, ensure that your approach to your fitness journey is as consistent as possible and find a program that suits your needs and makes you want to work out.

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