Phillip Koenig

Phillip Koenig

Start weight, current weight – my start of weight was 96kgs, weight now is 80kgs

What are you current training goals – to be able to pass PB’s and see the potential on how my body can transform into

What was your life like before you joined iFitness247 – Life before iFitness there was no direction, or goals for the mind and body and I had no routine.

iFitness247 Darwin

What does your life look like now – My life since – I’m more clear minded, I have a sense of the direction and also a positive and healthy life style. It has changed everything, the way I think, the way I live my life day to day. And best of all, it now gives me so much more energy and patience when I’m with my two young sons.

What motivates you to be active everyday – knowing that I can have a bad day at work or in life and I can step into the gym and all the worries go away What’s been the hardest part during your transformation – at the start was not seeing any changes in my body, but now it’s hitting a plateau and figuring out away to pass it.. great challenge for myself

Whats been the easiest part during your transformation – actually going to the gym, getting in the car and walking into Ifitness.. but this was not the case at the start lol

Have you ever had a personal trainer/help – iv had some help with routines and to be sure I have proper form in all exercise.. YouTube and Instagram is also a great tool to use, just be sure you follow the right people as it can also be very misleading

What do you like about iFitness247 clubs – the variety of equipment and space.. place is always clean as well

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a fitness journey – if you have 3-4 hours spare a “week” I believe you will be able to put some time away into yourself for just an hour.. just an hour over day 3 to 4 days is all you need, we can watch tv and be unproductive for almost 4 to 5 hours a day so you just have to think you can have balance in your life!

It’s never to late to get started or take another crack at your own health and fitness journey. If you are thinking about getting started and are ready to start smashing your goals just like Phillip has, click on the link, enter your details and we will call you for a chat about your goals and to book in your Free Trial!