Jo Rogers

Jo Rogers
Personal Trainer
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I have trained with Peter Smith at Ifitness for 2 1/2 years and in that time, I’ve lost 35kg.

As gaining an insight into what it makes to lose weight and regain my health. I want to share this vital information with as many people as I can. 

My primary trainer, Peter Smith, has been there with me every step of the way. One day he helped me to understand that I am in a powerful position to pass on my knowledge, if I would like to pursue becoming a P.T. 

I have lived and breathed this notion for the past 15 months, and I have gained my Qualifications. 

For the previous 17 years I have worked in the Age Care industry. I have worked closely in that time with Physio’s in most aspects of rehab. 

I then started working to rebuild health and fitness in older Australians in the aged care facility gym. In that time, I learned to quickly read how different individuals require different approaches and realised that this is a skill that Peter had been teaching me all along. I succeeded in improving the health and fitness of every individual I worked with, without a single injury.  

On reflection, I have played and coached both Netball and Basketball and have been a trainer for my local football club since as far back as 1990, so I guess some of this learning has been of the ‘slow burning’ variety. My own weight loss journey has just helped me to rekindle a spark that has always been there!

If you are looking for a P.T with a great spread and fair share of life experience and one who has solid firsthand perspective when it comes to the weight loss and better health journey?

I am sure that if we can work at this as a team, we can achieve your goal.


To book sessions in with Jo, please contact Peter on 0412425712.