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Phil Purg
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    My name is Phil and I have been a qualified Master Personal Trainer since 2010. I turned to health and fitness for medical reasons and doing so was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I have been weight lifting for more than 11 years then studied and received my Master Trainer Certificate through The Australian Institute of Fitness.
    I come from a gym, retail and hospitality management background and I have always provided my clients with more service than what they’ve paid for! I’ll  go to lengths to ensure my clients are getting their desired results and coach them to understand to train hard, eat well and to enjoy life and the journey along the way.

    Previously I was a manager for a supplements store, and am currently undertaking a Natural Health and

    Nutrition course. So nutrition and supplements are no strangers to me! I have also obtained my Certificates 2 and 3 in Security Operations which led me to Site Security Supervisor/Emergency Response within the Oil and Gas industry. I was employed for 4 years and that job taught me how to cope under pressure and co-operate large groups of personnel in emergency situations. I apply all my experiences to my clients goals each session and each step of the way.

    I have trained clients to enter both NT Police and Fire Emergency fitness tests. I have helped train a past friend to achieve their Professional Bodybuilding card and I myself am currently training to prepare for my first Bodybuilding competition. I’ve helped people train for power lifting, amateur boxing, NT Rugby and Footballer to name a few.

    Clients come first, they all have different goals and objectives. That’s the beauty of the health and fitness journey and most importantly what makes me strive for my clients goals everyday. I accommodate each training session, nutrition and training program to suit their needs! I’m a huge believer and will always ensure everyone that not everyone is the same and not everything works for the same person. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! I will teach you how to stay motivated and focused, on track with your goals and keep your mindset in check!

    The services I offer internally and eternally of the gym are:

    1, 2 or 3 on 1 Private Personal Training – Covers Strength and Power Training styles, injury prevention, weak point training, functional fitness and progressive weight/fat loss and boxing.

    30 Minute High Intensity Interval Training – Extremely challenging weight training/functional training and body weight exercise in this session. If you’re looking for non stop training sessions where you’re on the edge of regurgitating then this is for you!

    Personalised Nutrition and Training Programs


    If you see me around any of the gyms, feel free to say hello, ask me anything that you think is going to benefit YOUR knowledge and experience in your health and fitness journey!

    Contact me on 0413 602 088 or send me a message through my Bilateral Physical Training page on Facebook

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